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We are all about Chocolate! Everything we make are homemade specialty chocolate items. Although we have many amazing choices, we are famous for our Red Wine Chocolate Cake Balls. We create special, original, and unique items with our chocolate! Other specialty items include: homemade coconut truffles, peanut butter delights, cookie balls, pecan carmel turtles, and amazing bars. What sets us apart from all other chocolates is our mission. We are a change agent in the industry of food to provide healthier alternatives. Becoming the go to place for Chocolate Gifts that have clean ingredients, without compromising the taste. Our chocolate promise is that we maintain food integrity using only the highest quality ingredients and all natural ingredients. We intentionally do not use preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or sweeteners. There are no waxes, fillers, no refined flours, no refined sugars, or soy lechitin in our chocolates. Instead, we use real ingredients, organic ingredients, raw cacao butter and powders, and natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars. Having unprocessed, real chocolate improves peoples health, caters to common allergies, and creates a “Guilt-free pleasure”. High nutrient, high quality foods give “second chances” to people’s health by allowing the body to take in high quality nutrients. We believe in the power nutrition has to change people’s health and future. The awesome thing, is we are accomplishing this we something people love- CHOCOLATE! It can taste good and be good for you! We have created a Kid Zone of chocolate shapes and healthier choices. We gift up our items for weddings, gifts, corporate, and so much more.

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